Benefits of C-Section Scar Massage


  • Reduces pain and sensitivity around the scar area
  • Increases blood flow and encourages healing
  • Re-establishes mobility and range of motion
  • Keeps organs free of scar tissue and moving independently from one another
  • Avoids fertility and reproductive issues
  • Prevents low back & pelvic pain
  • Reduces numbness at scar site



Skilled hands-on scar massage helps break down adhesions and promote tissue regeneration releasing and easing painful, tight and numb scars.

Why Massage Your Scar?

Left untreated scar tissue can cause many painful problems in the future including the possibility of low back & pelvic pain, bowel or digestive problems, secondary infertility issues and bladder sensitivity. Many of the complications caused by c-section scars can be treated and prevented by releasing the tissue surrounding the scar.


Once your c-section scar has fully healed I can assess your scar and begin massage work at 8+ weeks postpartum when the deeper layers of the scar are fully healed.


I combine scar massage, abdominal massage, breathing and pelvic floor exercise to help with your healing and recovery.


Learn how to properly care for your c-section scar with massage techniques to feel confident with your healing and recovery at home.