Closing of the Bones is a beautiful postpartum healing ritual that acknowledges the intense work of pregnancy and birth and the changes a woman has undergone in pregnancy and childbirth.  


This is the time to nurture and nourish the new mother and her passage into motherhood, by providing a sacred space for her to rest, acknowledge and feel valued for all the emotional and physical changes she has journeyed through, growing and giving birth to her baby.


A session includes energy work, sound healing, abdominal-sacral massage, aromatherapy and the wrapping Ceremony with the use of rebozos. There will be a ‘closing’ done by wrapping the cranium, the midsection, pelvic area and feet helping to 'close' a mother's body that opens in so many ways to birth her baby.


This gentle ceremony focuses on guiding the pelvic bones back into place, supporting the uterus to shrink back down, and guiding the bladder into the optimal position, encouraging healing of the tissue, revitalising your digestive system, and nourishing your amazing body for all the work it has done.


In the case of caesarean birth, this ritual can be given once the incision is healed, and we also focus on softening the scar tissue to prevent adhesions. 


This nourishing ritual assists in bringing the mother's spirit back into her body and is also very healing for all women to receive if there is any energetic closure needed in her life.  


All women will benefit from this powerful healing ritual, gaining a deep sense of calm and peace within.