Fertility & Pregnancy

Fertility & Pregnancy

Fertility treatment and support

I see couples seeking help whilst undergoing fertility treatment with conventional medical practitioners – I’m qualified to work safely alongside IUI, IVF/ICSI protocols, frozen embryo transfer or donor cycles.

I also specialise in women’s health, treating hormonal imbalances such as; menstrual irregularities, low thyroid function, PCOS, PMT, endometriosis and peri/post menopause.

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Pregnancy therapies and support

I am a mum to three fun loving boys who are the inspiration and motivation for following my passion of working with mums throughout their pregnancies.

My aim is to gently support you so you are well prepared and well supported to experience a positive and healthy pregnancy, labour and birth.

I have lots of experience working with pregnancy and the combination of skills I offer means my treatments are adaptable for all trimesters, providing very tailored sessions to meet your needs.

I have undertaken extensive training with experts in their field, and I have the experience to work safely from pre-conception, through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. I’ve learnt lots of specialist techniques which enable me to help support you and your growing baby throughout your pregnancy. I am also experienced to work and support women who have complications in pregnancy.

In addition I am a certified childbirth educator, providing birth preparation one-to-one classes to inform and inspire. I qualified as an Antenatal Teacher with Antenatal Wisdom guided by Dominique Skalivsky (Relaxed Parenting) Amanda Rayment (Welcomeworld) and Louise Bennett.

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