Are you looking to support pelvic wellness and love your body back to vibrant health? Guidance for your fertility and conscious conception?  Learn all about your reproductive health, cycles and re-connect to your womb wisdom?  Receive grounded support through pregnancy & postpartum, or seeking balance as you transition into menopause?


In your Vibrant Woman Consultation, you will get tailored support to your own personal healing needs, guidance, emotional support, comfort and empowering tools to take your health and wellness in your loving hands. 


We’ll meet online where I will hold a supportive, compassionate container to allow you to land and unfold your current challenge together.  Let me guide you in cultivating a deeper understanding of your own feminine wisdom so that you can maximise your healing potential.  Learn at-home supporting practices to your specific needs, or dive deeper into clearing trauma patterns and gain more pelvic presence with holistic pelvic energy techniques and visualisations.


Select below the Consultation that is most relevant to your need right now and book your session. I will then be in touch to schedule a time with you.

I look forward to sharing this precious time together.

Online one to one 90 minute wellbeing session




Pelvic Wellness Consultation

If you are currently suffering with pelvic issues, inflammation and discomfort, like leaking, painful sex, painful periods, PCOS, prolapse or pelvic pain and unable to visit in-person for hands on treatment, then this online one-to-one pelvic wellness consultation will help awaken your inner healing power so you can take control of your own health and reclaim your vitality. 



Fertility & Conscious Conception Consultation

If you’re just beginning your fertility journey, or are years into the process, I'm here to share the best ways to get closer to success to help you optimize your fertility with personally tailored recommendations. Your fertility is directly correlated to your physical and emotional well-being and reducing stress plays a huge part. Together we will uncover any emotional as well as physical blocks that there may be to conception and nurture the pillars of fertility: mindfulness, nutrition, exercise, and connection.



Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum Consultation

Being pregnant and giving birth is one of the most exciting times in a woman’s life. When you feel well supported and well cared for during the many changes you will experience through the childbearing year, you will more easily trust your unique intuition to make informed choices for your own wellbeing, leading to a much better start to motherhood and attachment to your child. From the comfort of your own home this online session offers you emotional supportive space to be held, seen and heard, guiding you gently with ease into motherhood.

Holistic Menopause Consultation

Holistic menopausal support offering you the open hearted space to slow right down and step into your inner work more deeply by guiding you to feel resourced, empowered, nourished and supported emotionally, physically and spiritually. Perimenopause and menopause is a threshold, an initiation and a unique experience for every woman. This time of a woman’s life offers so many opportunities for creativity, transformation and celebration of your feminine potential. Together we will focus on your needs and practice the art of self-love and self-compassion as you transition into your vibrant wise woman years