Blessed Birth Spray


Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Spray for a calm, confident birth.

Supportive and soothing for emotions, feelings and thoughts, while birthing your beloved baby with ease and joy into this beautiful world.



To use:

Only to be used in labour, not in the first eight months of pregnancy. Shake bottle well to activate, close your eyes, spritz, breathe deeply into your heart, and enjoy the immersion.

You can spritz in your labouring room/space, body/face, pillows/clothing/linen.

Made with loving intention, using only the highest quality organic therapeutic ingredients.

Handmade with Love.


  • Norfolk purified spring water, witch hazel extract, chamomile floral water.
  • Fower Essences: mimulus, walnut, olive, impatiens, star of Bethlehem.
  • Essential oils: lavender, sweet orange, bulgarian rose otto, geranium, clary sage, Roman chamomile.

Vessel is made from glass and is reusable. 50ml
Once opened use within 6 months.