Holy Smokes Spray


Liquid Smudge Flower Essence & Aromatherapy Spray to cleanse, clear and purify.

Sacred and purifying for spiritual clearing.

Replace negativity with Love, Light, Creativity & Well-being.

You can spritz in room/space/car, aura, pillows/linen/clothing.



To use:

Shake bottle well to activate, spray in aura and room. Breathe deeply into your heart and intend/ imagine a bubble of protective 100% loving energy surrounding your body from the top of your crown to underneath your feet.

Made with loving intention, using the highest quality therapeutic ingredients:

Handmade with Love


  • Norfolk purified spring water, witch hazel extract.
  • Flower Essences: 5 flower, walnut, crab apple, holly, larch.
  • Essential Oils: palo santo, californian white sage, frankincense, copal, himalayan sea salt.

Once opened use within 6 months.
Vessel is made of glass and is reusable. 50ml