Mama Baby Flower Essence Blend


Flower Essence blend for Prenatal & Postpartum emotional support.

Supportive and nurturing for the transitional time of becoming a new mama and bonding with baby.

Strengthens and restores faith in looking after herself and her baby with renewed enthusiasm, love and joy.



To use:

Take 2 drops directly on tongue or add 6 drops to a glass of water 4 times a day, or 24 drops into a bottle / jug of water daily, for a 6-week period.

Lovingly hand blended.


  • Norfolk purified spring water, brandy.
  • Flower Essences: 5 flower, sweet chestnut, pine, larch, honeysuckle, oak.

Store in a cool place.
Vessel is made from glass and is reusable. 30ml