Radical Self-Care

True balance and harmony comes from within and is cultivated by developing a deeper connection with the self and the practice of radical self-care.  Walking my path I’ve learnt this is one of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves being the foundation to care for others.  The information I offer on my website I have tried and tested for many years and the feedback I receive from friends and clients is that these self care practices work and offer numerous health benefits to nourish and nurture feminine wellness.


I believe regular self care helps to reconnect us deeply to our bodies, restores balance, releases feel good hormones and promotes self love.  By giving our bodies loving attention we can reduce many imbalances/symptoms and send positive vibes to every cell in our body.  When we feel good we feel happy and healthy, which ripples out to all our friends and family and they will feel good too, so it’s a win win!


Having good boundaries is also a way of maintaining self care.  My mentor has always said ‘No is a viable option’.  We can resist new ways especially when trying to change ingrained patterns.  However, we are open systems and always capable of positive change.  Being authentic and going gently is fundamental when we wish to care for our energy levels and not overstretch ourselves.


There is a constant dance going on inside of us of giving out energy and receiving energy. In Chinese medicine it is known as the yin and yang. The feminine principle (yin) is the receptive energy within us – How well do you let go and receive? The masculine principle (yang) is the giving energy within us. How much do I do and give to others? When we create regular stillness in our lives we can begin to tune inwards and notice if we have been in one energy more than the other. If we have then we can begin to make small changes that in time, will become bigger changes so we are not over-giving or under-receiving.  This harmonising of our energies has a profound healing effect on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health bringing balance to our whole being.


During my treatments I positively encourage all my clients to practise self care techniques to establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle that is supportive at home.