There is a lot of negative conditioning about the menstruation and myths that make women feel it is something to be ashamed of and hidden away.


I believe it is so important to share with our young women how to care for their bodies.  To learn what we eat effects our emotions.  To be given a tool to connect with our wombs.


This package would be a beautiful gift for a beloved budding young woman, a daughter, niece or granddaughter, at the beginning of her menstrual cycles.  A truly valuable and meaningful way to celebrate and honour her blossoming into a young woman -  a gentle Rite of Passage.  Any woman from the age of 11 to 21 will greatly benefit.


During the treatments I share my knowledge about our moon cycles, the four archetypes, charting, self care techniques and how very special our periods, known as Moon flows are, creating a foundation for self love, self respect by taking our wellness into our own hands.


If you've been reading my website you've probably gathered by now that I’m incredibly passionate about caring and empowering women on their individual journey to revitalise, heal and nurture their innate feminine wisdom.  I offer healing Holistic therapies to rebalance body, mind and spirit.  I achieve this by using a combination of reflexology, massage, education, self care practices and healing.


I have worked with many young women with delayed and absent periods using effective Reproductive Reflexology protocols to regulate cycles, heal pelvic pain, lighten heavy bleeding and balance the hormonal system.  Menstruation then becomes much easier to manage and can be celebrated as the life giving essence which makes us woman.


In our first session we go into a thorough health history where we discuss healthy eating, sleep quality and stress levels. When this is completed you receive the treatment, which is a non invasive, nurturing reflexology session to balance your hormones and induce relaxation.  After that I will teach you the Self-Care protocol with handouts for you to take home.

This package is designed to offer support and continuous care for three months

  • It includes 2 hour initial health history consultation and Reproductive Reflexology treatment
  • 2 Follow up Womb Massage treatments
  • Check-in, re-evaluation discussion on treatment plan, progress, changes etc.
  • Self Care Techniques
  • Herbal Blend Yoni Steam.
  • Beautiful poster of the Secrets of our Menstrual Cycle


Individually this would cost £233

As a prepaid package I am happy to offer this at a discount of £200


Email Gemma or call 07576 365219 to book.