Pregnancy Massage has many benefits. With so many changes happening in your physical and emotional body in a relatively short amount of time, massage can offer the needed support. Aches and pains soothed away, less swelling and puffiness are just some of the benefits. Circulation support, reducing pelvic pain, stress reduction all helps Mother and baby prepare for an easier transition through labour, birth and postpartum. I provide a relaxing and safe space to support your wellbeing and connection with your baby, giving you the time to air any concerns.

Inspired and motivated by my three pregnancies I have undertaken extensive training with experts in their field, and I have the experience to work safely from pre-conception, through pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.  I’ve learnt lots of specialist techniques, which enable me to help support you and your growing baby throughout your pregnancy towards a vaginal or caesarean delivery, and the time beyond birth.

First Trimester

Pregnancy massage offers many health benefits and can help to:

  • Induce deep relaxation and reduce stress.
  • Relieve muscular tension in back, neck, shoulders and hips which is caused by hormonal/postural changes that occur during pregnancy.
  • Provides space to explore your feelings and connection with your baby.
  • Reduces anxiety.
  • Relieves headaches.
  • Provides support.

Second Trimester

Gentle massage at this time may help to:

  • Improve circulation which in turn increases the flow of nutrients delivered to the baby via the placenta.
  • Manage swollen legs and oedema.
  • Ease your aching shoulders, back and legs.
  • Encourages peaceful sleep.

Third Trimester

As your birth approaches pregnancy massage can help to:

  • Prepare you both emotionally and physically for the birth of your baby.
  • Releases more oxytocin into the body which reduces anxiety and pain.
  • Helps your body to prepare for delivery by helping to increase the range of movement in the joints and muscles associated with childbirth.
  • Releases tension.
  • Gives you time to connect with your baby.
  • Helps baby get into a good position.
  • Supports post-natal recovery.

What happens in a session?

Before the massage begins I always take a full medical history to find out about you and your health and what you need on that particular day.  You may want me to spend the time massaging your full body, your back and shoulders or just your feet! Each session changes depending on what your needs are so I always listen and never like to presume.  When you are ready I provide the following to help you feel comfortable;

  • A pregnancy ball to sit on rather than a chair.
  • Extra padded custom-made double futon to lie on, giving you plenty of room to stretch out and move so you will always feel very comfy.
  • Massage in the side lying position, well supported by cushions.
  • Massage over a pregnancy ball.
  • Warm fleece blankets or cool sheets.

Treatments may also include exercise suggestions to improve posture and flexibility which will help your baby’s position for birth.  Also visualizations and breathing techniques to balance the mind and aid overall relaxation.

Is Pregnancy massage safe?

When under the care of a fully qualified and experienced Pregnancy Massage Therapist, pregnancy massage is not only safe, but can be completely beneficial to mum and baby, supporting the changes for both throughout all the trimesters.  The only times you shouldn’t have a massage is if you experience vaginal bleeding, eclampsia, severe abdominal pain or vomiting.  An experienced practitioner will know if you need to seek medical treatment.  Always inform your health care provider that you are receiving Massage or Reflexology treatments during Pregnancy.

How often should I come?

My treatments are adaptable for all trimesters of pregnancy.  You can visit as soon as you are pregnant and continue to receive treatments throughout your entire pregnancy or alternatively you may just want to experience one treatment…the choice is entirely yours.  However, to gain the greatest benefits from massage in pregnancy and labour it is highly recommended that you have regular treatment to form part of your prenatal care.  Many mothers-to-be prefer to visit me weekly or fortnightly in the third trimester.  It helps them to feel supported and prepared emotionally, physically and spiritually for birth.

Post-Natal Massage

Some mother's return for Post-Natal Massage and continue to have massage as part of their self-care, which is the foundation for caring for others without depleting your own energy levels.

Post-Natal Massage is a nurturing way to alleviate muscle strain from pregnancy and birth, relieve exhaustion and promote the healing process.

To book a pregnancy massage, email Gemma