Where women’s physical, emotional and spiritual health and cycles are honoured

Nurturing Women’s Health and Well-being

Women’s health and healing is the cornerstone of my work.  Whether you are experiencing irregular or painful menstrual cycles, emotional stress and tension, constipation, fertility challenges, peri-post menopausal symptoms or just looking to relax and rejuvenate in a supportive environment.  I combine many years of experience with healing techniques and modalities to ensure you receive the best possible care.


I aim to support you in becoming healthier and happier with specialised healing treatments for physical well-being and emotional health and include visualisations, meditations, lifestyle support with dietary recommendations.


In my practice I have women who come regularly for stress reducing, relaxing, preventative healthcare and time out from their busy schedule, whether that be work or caring for children and loved ones.  We all need space to relax and rejuvenate.  I also work with women who suffer with health conditions and we work together to alleviate these.


When I became a mother in 2004 I was in awe of the power of women’s bodies, wombs and cycles.  Even if a woman has a hysterectomy the energetic imprint of her uterus still exists within her body.  Women’s bodies are amazing.  They can bring forth new life and are constantly going through changes as we cycle through life.  A balanced hormonal system is vital for women’s health and this is where holistic therapies are so transformative, and is deeply rewarding for me to witness.


We often put ourselves last when it comes to priorities, but we are better able to support and help others if we put ourselves first in a positive way.  Women have so many crowns to wear it’s essential we create space to nourish our heart and soul. Living fully as women by healthy eating, good digestion and conceiving and birthing well, and spending time just being and relaxing, as a very high percentage of illness is due to the effects of stress and tension in the body.


Your body contains the wisdom to be in balance and harmony, to self-renew and self-repair.  When our body shows complaints in ‘symptoms’ it’s our bodies way of saying it has become out of balance and needs attention.  When I work I am guided by your body and intuit energetically what you need by supporting the body’s natural innate ability to heal, so every treatment will be bespoke to your needs on the day.


I find the more a woman listens deeply to the signs of her body and cycles, the more she will understand her journey, and more easily she will feel when she is in balance and when she is not.


I invite every woman to vocalise her feelings, there is so much healing in the sharing of stories.  Self transformation can occur through communication and when a woman shares her-story in a safe environment, feeling heard and validated, space is created for profound as well as gentle shifts of transformation, restoring balance on all levels.


Every woman is treated with care, compassion and empathy.  Your specific needs are looked at in a unique and genuine way with therapies expertly tailored to your needs.  Your first appointment includes a consultation where I gather a picture of you and your health, enabling me to have clarity and to tune in to how best I can serve you.


If there is something I can’t do, I am happy to refer you to someone who can.  Over the years I have built a wonderful network of healing professionals at my fingertips like Osteopaths, Homeopaths, Counsellors and more.


I only use the highest quality organic products to ensure you don’t get any nasty chemicals in your body.  All therapy methods offered complement conventional medicine and in no way interfere with medical treatment so you can rest assured I have your best interests in high regard.


If you would like to get in touch to see how best I can support you, then please contact have areas of women’s  Gemma in confidence and I will get back to you.