Womb Massage Therapy™also known as Fertility MassageTherapy™helps to create the foundation for healthy cycles, enhanced fertility and a balanced hormonal system.


Although it is called womb massage, all the other parts of the reproductive organs, such as the ovary, fallopian tubes, cervix as well as the surrounding ligaments and muscles supporting the reproductive system benefits from this massage.


It works by relieving congestion and circulation blockages in the soft tissues that support the womb, the abdomen and the sacrum to improve the flow of blood, lymph and nerve impulses to the organs. It may also release emotional and energetic congestion from the abdomen.  

All of this supports healthy organ function and is wonderful at nourishing wellbeing through menarche, fertility, postpartum, perimenopause, menopause and beyond.

Womb Massage Benefits for Women:


Menstrual Pain & Imbalances

Womb Massage is very effective for supporting many types of menstrual and ovulation imbalances, from painful periods, PCOS, fibroids, cysts, to irregular cycles or endometriosis. PMS and breast tenderness are also signs of imbalance.



Womb massage aligns the position of your uterus and increases circulation to the entire reproductive system, which improves uterine lining and egg quality and balances hormones. On an emotional and spiritual level, Womb Massage supports you to connect more deeply with your feminine centre, preparing you for a conscious conception. Sessions can also benefit IUI and IVF outcomes.


Digestion & Emotional Trauma

During your Womb Massage we work gently, but deeply on the whole belly. Reducing tension in the abdomen and increasing energy in the digestive tract improves the absorption from the food you eat that plays an important role in hormonal balance.  The massage breaks down tension and stress held within the abdominal-sacral areas and aids in releasing stored pelvic trauma that can have been stored in tissue for many years.


Postpartum Recovery

You can receive Womb Massage 1-6 weeks after vaginal birth. Or in the case of cesarean birth once the incision is healed.  

Womb Massage after pregnancy and birth is deeply nurturing and vital for aiding recovery. Treatment encourages internal abdominal and pelvic organs to re-align into their optimal position and helps strengthen the pelvic floor. With a cesarean birth focus is on softening the scar tissue to prevent adhesions


Miscarriage & Abortion

Womb Massage aids in both physical and emotional healing after miscarriage. Physically the womb is nourished to rebalance and restore a healthy cycle as quickly as possible.  We will be guided by the truth that the body has an inherent ability to be self- regulating, self- healing and self- regenerating which will create space for emotional release if needed.


Perimenopause & Menopause

Womb Massage supports the womb to complete a thorough cleansing of the endometrium lining before you complete your reproductive years. After menopause treatment supports the pelvic floor, hormone balance, bladder alignment and the on-going connection with your feminine centre.

Womb Massage combined with Yoni Steams can be a wonderful support for vaginal dryness.