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Massage Techniques for Birth Partners

Massage can be extremely beneficial during pregnancy and labour and can be performed by the birthing partner. If your partner would like to feel more involved in your pregnancy and you would like to receive a massage from your partner, I provide 1-2-1 sessions so birth partners can learn simple and effective massage techniques throughout pregnancy and the birth, to support you with relaxation, and pain relief techniques.

During the one hour session they can learn.

  • Massage strokes for easing backache, neck and shoulder discomfort in pregnancy and labour.
  • Positions for comfortable labour.
  • Ease swelling in your hands and feet during pregnancy.
  • Give massage to the lower back during labour.
  • Use special reflexology and massage support points during the birth to keep you both relaxed and focused.

Please note on booking it is advisable that the mother comes first for an in-depth consultation and massage to make sure the massage is appropriate and safe. Then both of you will come to this session.