Healing after childbirth is greatly assisted by HPC and you may receive internal work at six weeks postpartum.  Treatment can help resolve symptoms such as pelvic pain, painful penetration, painful sex, urine leakage, discomfort, or pelvic muscle weakness and can mobilise scar tissue to help release any pain patterns it may be creating in the pelvic floor from vaginal tears, episiotomies and c-sections.


For any woman who has experienced a traumatic birth this work balances the pelvic bowl and aids in their recovery, calming and realigning body and spirit.  HPC can help both physically, energetically and emotionally. The bodywork and breath work techniques restore healthy flow of blood, nerve, and energy to the pelvic floor.


HPC alleviates low libido: sex drive, decreased sensation, and an inability to achieve orgasm, pelvic pain, bladder incontinence and more.  If you had a cesarean birth, fascial work directly to the cesarean scar can support healing of the tissues and prevent build up of scar tissue, and internal work can address imbalances in the pelvic bowl caused by prolonged vaginal birth attempt or strong emotions like fear, anger or anxiety experienced during your birth.


Recommended Visits

Your body will be our guide for treatment.  Some women receive treatments for an extended period of time and others for just a few visits.  Three sessions within 1-2 months is recommended to restore basic pelvic balance.  Longer treatment is appropriate when the pace of your body directs us to progress more slowly, and when addressing deep-seated holding patterns or symptoms.



Holistic Pelvic Care™ was developed by Tami Lynn Kent, women’s health physical therapist and author of Wild Feminine, who sought to offer women more than just treatment from physical ailments.

Watch Tami talk about Holistic Pelvic Care: