Postpartum Care - Mothering The Mother

I offer a wonderful range of postnatal services to support your recovery after your baby arrives, suitable for vaginal and caesarean births.  


After you’ve had your baby, your body can feel exhausted, sore and like it’s never going to go back to normal.  Your body has done an incredible job, growing and bringing forth a new life and now is the time to rest, recover and repair.  I offer you a safe space to let go with or without your baby and receive some gentle, nourishing care.


As soon as possible post delivery, book yourself in for essential holistic pelvic care and regular postnatal treatments, such as massage and reflexology to support you in the "fourth trimester".  Baby can come too until you are ready to leave them to enjoy some “me time” on your own.


Research suggests that postpartum massage or reflexology benefits include emotional and mental health support, better sleep, hormone regulation, reduced swelling and improves production of  breastmilk.  Helping to restore your body to its pre-pregnancy condition, accelerates healing and assists with C-section recovery.


It has been, and continues to be an honour to see how holistic therapies support women during the challenging transitions of early motherhood, helping new mother's to establish self-care practices to continue with for the rest of their mothering journey.