I am deeply grateful to those beautiful souls who have agreed to share their experiences with you on this page..

Holistic Pelvic Care following a ventouse delivery
"As a person who proactively cares for their health and is fairly in touch with their body, I was totally floored by the impact of a ventouse birth and consequent injury. I did what I could - following up with doctors and specialised physios, but four months later nothing had made any difference to my pain or healing, and I was receiving very little in the way of hope that things might improve. Just one session with Gemma changed that completely. Not only did my pain literally dissolve under her hands, but I felt like the treatment allowed me to return to my body. It's hard to overstate how life changing her impact has been. I would recommend that every mother, no matter what kind of birth they have had, seek out this treatment as a matter of course. For those mothers who've had a difficult time it will be transformative".  AH
Holistic Pelvic Care following an episiotomy
"Having gone through a really traumatic second delivery which ended up in an episiotomy, I booked in with Gemma straight away who I trusted implicitly to help me mend. I was in quite a bad way initially and even during the first session I felt things improve. That is no exaggeration either! I had quite a few treatments close together and feel completely back to normal without any pain at all". R.J
Holistic Pelvic Care following a prolapse
"Gemma's kindly, professional and knowledgeable approach has helped me enormously. Through releasing old episiotomy scar tissue I have been able to reconnect with long lost sensation, build muscle strength and reverse a prolapse. The effects in my life of these changes have been profound. I am deeply grateful to her. It is a gift to have someone of Gemma's skill, sensitivity and specialism in Norfolk". L.T
Prenatal Care / Fertility Reflexology following multiple miscarriages..
Pregnancy Treatment
"I came to see Gemma for treatment a few years ago and soon conceived my son.  I recently returned to help regulate my cycle and get me into a positive mindset about trying to conceive again after multiple miscarriages. After each treatment I feel as though my body and mind have been reset. After working together for a couple of months I am pregnant!  Your skill, warmth, kindness and positive energy have had a huge impact on me and I cannot recommend you highly enough." HF


Holistic Pelvic Care following surgery and subsequent scar tissue

"For the past five months I have been seeing Gemma for HPC and Womb Massage following three laparoscopic surgeries for the removal of ovarian cysts and subsequent scar tissue. I had been told my only option going forwards was further surgery and a hysterectomy which in your early 30’s is not something you want to hear or face, I however was so fed up with the constant pain I was ready to give in to the surgery. Then I met Gemma – through her regular care my life has changed and for this I will be forever grateful. Since working with you I have a regular cycle for the first time since I was about 19 and drastically reduced pain levels. Following a scan with my gynaecologist last week he couldn’t believe the reduction in the scar tissue and is now hopeful that surgery is not required. Your support, empathy, kindness and expertise are hugely appreciated. I feel much more in tune with my own body and cycles, the whole experience with you has been very empowering. I try to now make more time for myself and have a much better understanding. I look forward to continuing to work with you on a conception journey and cannot recommend you highly enough". AL


Pregnancy Treatment / Holistic Birth Preparation Workshop

"I have been seeing Gemma over the last 6 months for pregnancy massage and reflexology. Gemma is caring, very well informed and had magic hands. Over my pregnancy I have suffered with painful hips and feet and I look forward to my weekly sessions with her immensely, when I feel remarkably better after her treatment. Gemma knows just where the pain pressure points are and how to treat them.

Recently my partner and I attended the Holistic Birth Preparation Workshop; this was fun, insightful, interesting and well structured. It was comforting to have Gemma's knowledgeable advice shared with us and great to do some active birth movement too. I couldn't recommend Gemma highly enough". KF

Prenatal Care / Fertility Treatment
"I have been seeing Gemma for the last 3 years. She has helped me with postnatal exercise pain, womb massage, reflexology and now holistic pelvic care. I struggled to conceive 2nd time round and after Gemma's womb massage treatment it happened and I honestly believe her incredible treatment was the reason. all the treatments are so relaxing, I try and make them a regular thing now. Gemma is caring and truly amazing at what she does. I genuinely feel she has healing hands and we are so incredibly lucky to have her in Norfolk". R.J
Fertility Massage & Reflexology assisted IVF support
Pregnancy & Postnatal Support
"I began treatment with Gemma a few years ago as I was about to go through IVF and wanted to increase my chances of success first time round! From the moment I met Gemma I felt totally at ease and comforted. She really helped me to relax and made the journey through IVF so much easier. Suffice to say my IVF was a success with the birth of twins. The pregnancy massages were amazing and really helped with all those aches and pains and I felt fully relaxed and less tense after each session. The reflexology was also brilliant when it came to pregnancy sickness relief. I have continued seeing Gemma for post-natal massage and she has supported me through this time, I don’t think I could have gone through the past few years without her help. Overall, Gemma is a warm, kind, compassionate lady who is passionate about what she does which reflects in the treatments she gives". LK


Pregnancy & Postnatal Treatments & Antenatal Teaching

"Gemma and the work that she does are both rare and wonderful.  I was thrilled to be pregnant but terrified - and totally ignorant - about birth. My husband and I attended Gemma’s preparation for birth course together and learnt so much - and even had a giggle.  Gemma is phenomenally caring and is totally committed to the work she does, whether it is massage, reflexology or sharing the vast amount of knowledge that she has accumulated about the female body in all its wonder.  I went on to have regular reflexology and massage with Gemma in the latter stages of my pregnancy and I credit her and the magic that she weaves with the calm and smiley nature of the little baby boy that I was lucky to have.  Nothing about birth was as I expected but I am so grateful to have had Gemma’s companionship and guidance along the road to motherhood and cannot recommend her work highly enough.  Thank you Gemma". AH


Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Reflexology following a VBAC Antenatal Teaching

"Following an Emergency C-Section with my first child I desperately wanted to prepare my body for a natural birth second time round. This meant getting myself strong mentally and physically.  Gemma’s beautiful pregnancy massage instilled in me inner strength and warmth to my body. It helped me and my baby relax.  It helped me to connect with my baby in a calm and pleasant environment.  This, I believe, allowed me to go on and have a natural and enjoyable birth- of which I am eternally grateful.  Gemma’s massages were not only skin deep but her presence and attitude towards me were so incredibly warming and reassuring- instilling the confidence in me to believe in my body once again, a feeling that had been taken away from me from my first birth.  She gave me knowledge on my birthing rights as a women which I found empowering.  Thank you Gemma for helping me deliver my Fayrouz into the world the way I wanted". Victoria Sheridon


Holistic Pelvic Care reclaiming pelvic energy

"I had 2 pelvic floor sessions with Gemma and I'm so pleased I have found her. She is caring, intuitive and very respectfully treat's you and your body. I'm much more connected to my womb and feminine organ's, intercourse is becoming less painful and I feel more complete. I have a feeling of arriving home back to myself and without Gemma's help would not have been able to do this. Thank you". JB


Holistic Birth Preparation Workshop

"I just wanted to let you know, I had the baby on 14th October - little Leo! He is heathy and doing well! Everything you taught us came in to use - I had a pool birth and no pain medication at all, it was such a positive experience. Charlie was a trooper and did the massage on the sacrum through every contraction - it was so effective! We both couldn’t believe how amazing and different it was to Eva’s birth". Holly Campbell


Reproductive Reflexology following painful periods

“I had been suffering for several years with heavy, painful periods which were getting progressively worse, resulting in longer bleeds, severe cramps during as well as in between cycles, and extreme tiredness. This in turn was affecting my type 1 diabetes balance.  I was referred to a gynaecologist, who diagnosed me with Adenonmyosis.  This is a condition, very similar to Endometriosis, where the inner lining of the uterus  (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus.  Every menstrual cycle, the displaced tissue would act as it would if lining the uterus and thicken, break down and bleed, but being within the muscle wall it would cause the immense pain, and thus very heavy long menstrual bleeds.  The gynaecologists choices of treatment left me shocked, an ablation, where they would burn the lining away or a hysterectomy.

I decided to choose a holistic route and saw Gemma at the Norfolk Retreat for a course of reflexology.  What a difference!  Within just a few treatments my cycles returned to their normal pattern, my heavy bleeds were no more, but were gentler and pain free.  This in turn really helped my diabetes become stable again.   Gemma didn’t just offer amazing rebalancing reflexology but also all round support in women’s health, from nutritional advice, to fantastic self care advice.  I now longer dread my cycles but embrace them and feel so in tune with my body.

Gemma is so intuitive to what each women needs, and I found this so empowering.  I felt that I had no real choice with my gynaecologist, and at a time I was so drained and tired I could have easily agreed to surgical procedures that my body just didn’t need.   To be so amazingly helped back on the right road to better health, but to also be part of that journey, is true empowerment”.  MW


Holistic Pelvic Care 

"I just wanted to thank you again for a special session yesterday. It was everything I needed and more...and that’s before considering any changes in my Vulvodynia symptoms. You are wonderfully intuitive and a very powerful healer. I feel my path has been leading me to you for some time and I know it was a special moment for my healing". SS


Pregnancy Massage

"Thank you for the amazing massage Gemma. Whatever you did worked a treat, because I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl at 4.05 this morning! She came into the world at home, in the water, with a swift 1.5 hour labour. We're so blessed and overjoyed. It was everything I'd visualised during my massage, so I can't thank you enough for your positive reinforcement"! AS


Holistic Pelvic Care following bladder leakage 

"During my recent treatment Gemma discovered my bladder was slightly displaced. As a result of the adjustment she was able to make I now do not suffer with the very inconvenient frequency and urgency that I was experiencing. This has improved my life enormously". AK


Fertility Reflexology following irregular cycles

"Visiting Gemma for Reflexology treatment is something that I would wholeheartedly recommend to everyone.  Having never tried Reflexology before I wasn't sure what to expect, but Gemma is one of the warmest people I have been fortunate enough to encounter and she made me feel incredibly comfortable. After months of going back and forth to the doctors with issues with my menstrual cycle, Reflexology helped where nothing previously had.  I was so relieved to see what a difference the treatment made to my well being, both physical and mental, and I can't express enough how grateful I am for Gemma's sage advice and healing hands!  Not to mention that to be able to simply lay back in a cosy chair and relax for an hour is just bliss in itself"! KW


Pregnancy Reflexology following a VBAC

"Baby number two arrived on Thursday 7th in the afternoon at 4.04pm! All happened naturally and I managed the birth without any intervention, a little gas and in the birthing pool.  He was quite a big baby, 8lbs 10oz but miraculously I came away without injury or any stitches!  Quite unbelievable considering how traumatic my first birth was from caesarean. It was very quick and intense but it was the birth I had hoped for so very happy. Thank you for all your lovely sessions that supported me to have the birth I have always wished for". HT


Therapeutic Massage

"Never have I ever received a massage (and I’ve had A LOT of massages over the years!) where I have felt my mind and body were both equally rejuvenated.  I’m not entirely sure how you work your magic but there were times you hardly laid a finger on me and yet I felt as though I’d been connected to a power source and a rush of peace flowed through me.

I’ve always said I hold tension in my shoulders, upper back and neck but I’d never realised just how much my womb and lower back were a part of holding tension as well. Last week in particular, when you were massaging my womb, I could feel such release. The meditative aspect of the massage is a game changer for me and the energy I have felt whilst receiving you’re treatment is genuinely, in every sense of the word, out of this world". CC


Holistic Birth Preparation Workshop

"We found the course amazingly beneficial to our journey of childbirth. We felt that we had learnt more in the 3 hours with you than we did on any antenatal class. It made us feel that Labour isn’t a scary thing but a pathway to meeting our little girl and that it is a team effort. The different birth positions, massage and pressure points are all tools we have for when the day comes. We would recommend this course to anyone".  Laticia and Olly Wilson


Maternity Reflexology, Massage, Birth Education & Postnatal Care

"I first visited Gemma during my second trimester.  I had been diagnosed with the pregnancy specific condition Obstetric Cholestasis and I was on a mission to clean and heal my liver and to re balance myself in order to rebalance my pregnancy.  Gemma had been recommended to me by two friends and I was looking forward to meeting her.  But I hadn't anticipated the integral role she would actually play in what turned out to be a healthy and enjoyable continuation of pregnancy and a wonderfully positive birth.  Gemma met me with genuine warmth and interest and I immediately felt safe, respected and certain that I was in the hands of a true professional.  These things never wavered over the weeks that I returned for both reflexology and massage.  Through her incredible knowledge and wisdom I was able to clear myself of Obstetric Cholestasis (OC) and to heal, rebalance and empower myself in ways that I wouldn't have done otherwise.  I was lucky enough to have a massage with Gemma during early labour and it was her words that I replayed over and over in my head, helping me to stay grounded and calm during the later contractions.  I would say I also had the opportunity to meet someone with real integrity, who genuinely walks their talk and who has been an inspiration to me.  I would recommend her to the whole of Norfolk and beyond". Jessica Carey


Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Reflexology

"I was recommended Gemma when I asked friends about a good pregnancy masseur.  When I met her I was greeted with a warm welcome, like a dear friend, and yet with a clear professional approach.  Gemma refined her treatments so that it was tailored to suit me as an individual and what I needed at that time.  Her massage was relaxing and soothing and her reflexology treatments were deeply healing and the results were noticeable almost immediately; she can target specific areas and treat them very efficiently.  She seems to care for those she treats and that was wonderful.  Thank you for your healing hands and words with all my heart!" Sara O'Brien


Therapeutic Massage

"Coming to Gemma’s treatment room is like stepping into a sanctuary of calm and peace, of acceptance and care. Gemma is grounded and stable as a therapist  - I so appreciate that my hour with her is for me, and I have no need to listen to or take care of her and any issues that she may be experiencing.  This, I believe, is the hallmark of an excellent therapist.  She is a clear channel for healing and care through the touch that she offers.  She has an ability to feel instinctively as well as through touch, what I need and to meet that need.  She can be gentle when necessary or offer deeper pressure and tackle stuck muscular patterns if that is needed.  I leave feeling cared for, lighter, safer, and calmer". Susanna Aylce


Fertility Reflexology following a miscarriage

"My cycle has stabilised which I believe your care and excellent reflexology are responsible for.  Thank you so sincerely for the physical and emotional support you gave.  I shall certainly recommend you highly to everyone and shall always remember your big heart". LM


Maternity Reflexology & Birth Preparation

"I thought I would drop you a line to say we have a baby boy, Jacob was born on Tuesday 10 February just before midnight weighing 8lb 13.5…Thank you so much for all your support when I came to see you, everything happened very quickly and I put that down to me and Jacob being very chilled beforehand with your help!  Reflexology really helped me". Liz Evry


Antenatal Care following a traumatic birth

"I’ve had back problems since a child but when I went to Gemma I was astounded by her pregnancy massages which most definitely eased my aches but also my worries after a traumatic first birth and anxiety over my next.  She is not only an incredible lady with her hands but she made me feel so empowered.  I used the reflexology when I was overdue (in the eyes of the scan) and my body knew when it was ready.  I was pressured to book another induction but this time I knew I wasn’t going to have it and I had the most natural birth (no pain killers) I could ever have wished for.  I am going back as a post-natal patient for as long as I can". Katy Coe



"I have seen Gemma for treatments for a few years now.  She provides a caring and nurturing experience each time and always gives helpful advice and ideas; best of all, I come home totally relaxed.  More recently she has suggested reflexology for some immune system boosting and total body treatment which I feel is really beneficial to me". Claire Harrold


Pregnancy Massage, Reflexology, Birth Preparation & Postnatal Care

"I was around three months pregnant with my second child when I started regular massage & reflexology sessions with Gemma.  I knew that for the second birth, which I planned to have at home, I would need to feel supported, confident and relaxed and Gemma was excellent at building these foundations.  She was incredibly encouraging and helpful with many tips on how to focus on having a positive birth experience and keeping in tune with my body during labour.  The treatments helped to release tension and were so relaxing they often sent me to sleep!  I have also had a fantastic postpartum deep tissue massage for tension in my neck & shoulders which was fantastic and worked a treat!" Laura Huston


Pregnancy Massage 

"Our daughter was born at 4.30 his morning in our living room. Thank you so much for your beautiful energy that made me ready to give her the birth I wanted". CS


Fertility Reflexology

"I first contacted Gemma for fertility reflexology.  I had been diagnosed with unexplained fertility and was looking for an alternative therapy before deciding whether to pursue a more formal route.  Seeing Gemma has made such a huge difference, not only in understanding my body better, but also my mental health.  I had always been quite an anxious person with an extremely busy job and had seemed to have forgotten how to relax!  I looked forward to each treatment, the perfect end to a busy week.  Now I can respond much better to stress and have definitely benefited much more than I ever expected. Highly recommended". Michelle Batty


Pregnancy Massage & Birth Preparation

"Thank you for your support during my pregnancy, it really helped me during labour". Rebecka Wotton


Maternity Reflexology

"You had such a profound effect on me at my approach to giving birth.  The reflexology session was wonderful but it was also your words and advice on listening to my body and making my own choices during birth that really resonated with me.  They were so helpful during my actual birthing process". Rebecca Lindon


Pregnancy Massage & Reflexology following a VBAC

Baby number two arrived on Thursday 7th in the afternoon at 4.04pm! All happened naturally and I managed the birth without any intervention, a little gas and in the birthing pool.  He was quite a big baby, 8lbs 10oz but miraculously I came away without injury or any stitches!  Quite unbelievable considering how traumatic my first birth was from caesarean. It was very quick and intense but it was the birth I had hoped for so very happy. Thank you for all your lovely sessions that supported me to have the birth I have always wished for. HT


Fertility Reflexology 

"I have been trying to conceive for three years and my partner and I were beginning to feel it was never going to happen for us.  I was recommended Gemma for fertility reflexology and within 2 months of weekly treatment I fell pregnant!  I am positive the reflexology helped us to conceive.  My partner and I are overjoyed.  Thank you so much Gemma for your wonderful treatments and words of kindness and positivity". CL


Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage

"I had been struggling with adrenal fatigue, migraines and an over active thyroid for three years.  I had seen several alternative therapists who helped me along my healing journey each of whom served a purpose but I began to think that I would never feel ‘normal’ again.  I was drained, tense, and completely overwhelmed by my body and these issues.  Over the last six months I have seen Gemma regularly starting with reflexology to help balance my endocrine system, I started to see and feel the results instantly.  She has a gentle loving manner combined with a totally professional outlook and a wonderful gift of healing hands.  From day one I felt that Gemma could tune in and read my body like a map and together we have embarked on a wholistic healing journey, which has seen Gemma develop my own personalised sessions.  I have had deep tissue massage, facial massage, trigger points and reflexology, all of which have healed and nourished my mind, body and soul.  Not only do I feel more relaxed and in tune with my body I also very rarely suffer from migraines and my energy levels have stabilised.  Gemma is a kind, gentle gifted lady who can help you to help yourself by treating you and your illness holistically". Amanda Rowe


Pregnancy Massage & Maternity Reflexology

"Thank you for your wonderful reflexology and massage treatments during my pregnancy.  They were extremely nurturing for both my baby and me.  By helping me to deeply relax, I found space to connect deeply within myself and to my baby, which gave me the confidence to have a home birth". Claire Dyble


Maternity Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage & Postnatal Care

"After receiving massages from various practitioners over the years, I can honestly say that Gemma is the therapist I have been waiting for.  As a pregnant and then newly postnatal woman I had both reflexology and massage from Gemma in my own home – with my newborn baby by my side.  Gemma is respectful, flexible and professional.  She is also very intuitive, down to earth and friendly.  Whilst she works skilfully on the physical body, her treatments also have a meditative quality about them.  She has an understated but genuine healing quality and as such I found that her treatments reached both mental and physical depths others can only aspire to.  Thoroughly (and already!) recommended". Anna Meynell


Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage

"I have now had two sessions with Gemma – reflex and massage, one at my home and one in her beautiful space at her place.  As to the quality of treatment there is no doubt that Gemma is one of the best I have experienced in many years of treatments all over the world.  At another level however there is a quiet healing quality to Gemma’s work that creates an experience that is very special". Moira Siddons


Womb Massage Therapy

"Words cannot express enough how deeply moved I have felt in response to the womb massage. It was so much more than a massage, it felt like I was being honoured by an ancient ritual, one passed down through the centuries, the wisdom and knowledge of which, being passed on and carried by women’s circles of old. I felt honoured, nurtured and sacred. Alongside that Gemma, your ability to listen and understand what my body needed and what I needed to let go of, is so intuitive, you recognised what I needed instinctively. If there’s one treatment that every woman should have in their lifetime, then it’s this one. It’s more that I could have ever thought of, trauma held since the birth of my son has been released and replaced with joy, I’m now able to experience the bonding and connection I longed for, whenever I think back to the birth of my son. What a gift you have given me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart". MW


Fertility Reflexology 

"You are actually a miracle worker! After seeing you for my reflexology appointment, I became pregnant! I am about 12/13 weeks at the moment so due end of November". AW


Reflexology & Therapeutic Massage

"Treatments are tailor made to each individual’s needs and Gemma never rushes with her clients; it’s so refreshing in a society such as ours today.  Her treatments are second to none and I believe she is a master of her work.  I can recommend the reflexology, natural lift facial and hot stone massage – each have their own benefits but also blend together beautifully.  You will walk away feeling a great sense of wellbeing, positivity and relaxation as well as mindfulness.  Be open to the treatments you receive and feel the benefits immediately.  Gemma is one of the kindest, most professional people you will ever be fortunate to meet". Juliet Allen


Holistic Pelvic Care (HPC)

"Upon the beginning of our HPC, pelvic floor therapy,  Gemma explained with the support of a pelvic anatomical model, the process that would follow.  She explained clearly the sequence that she would go through. Gemma sat side on, whilst I lay on the massage bed, covered with a blanket.  Throughout HPC she spoke as to what she would do at each stage and at what part she would be rebalancing internally.  As Gemma spoke, we engaged in the history of my children, and my first child’s birth.  It allowed me to engage with such passion about my sons birth, but it also enabled me to release some of the trauma that had existed with his birth.  It also allowed me to understand and connect the internal scarring of the episiotomy.  This was such a release.  It was as restorative and as passionate, as my first cuddle and sight of my new born son.  I had carried this emotion through the delivery of my four other children.  After 23 years of not understanding I’m now connecting, my pelvis and female organs in such a way, it has offered healing.  Gemma managed the whole process of internal massage with discretion, sensitivity and dignity". LB


Therapeutic Massage

"Gemma creates a totally safe space, is thoroughly present throughout the treatment, and gives a skilled and intuitive massage, allowing her client to shed emotional and physical knots.  I am deeply grateful to Gemma for the opportunity to express emotions which I had been holding onto for months.  She accepts and supports her client in discovering the inner person, freed from crystallised and painful baggage.  She is both strong and gentle, sensitive to her client's needs, and knowledgeable and generous with suggestions.  The treatment room is cosy with a magical atmosphere. Brilliant!" AA


Therapeutic Massage

"Gemma is an extremely kind, caring and committed professional, her dedication and love of the work to help people is commendable.  She has an amazing ability to tune into what is needed.  I always feel as though I have had her undivided attention, she takes the time to make me feel relaxed and at ease.  I have especially found the reflexology treatments beneficial, and the massages extremely relaxing". MC


Natural Lift Facial Massage

"I can truly say that finding Gemma has been a wonderful experience for me.  I have never yet met a therapist who uses such intuition and who radiates kindness and compassion.  Every visit seems to build on the one before and my skin (I can thoroughly recommend the Natural Face-Lift) has never been better.  But I have found the benefits to my skin have been almost sidelined by the sense of calm and peace that I find that stays with me long after my visit.  This is a holistic experience in the truest sense of the word and I cannot recommend Gemma highly enough". Tracy Bigwood



"Gemma induces the utmost in a relaxed state - I felt like I was floating!  She is so caring and nurturing too, creating wonderful feelings of love and support so necessary for our journeys". Ali Dover


Myofascial Release

"Since having myofascial release to my neck and shoulders I no longer have pain or stiffness in those areas and the recovery has been nothing short of miraculous!  There was a time when I couldn't turn over in bed because of the pain". Janet Sheppard


Womb Massage

"As you gently massaged my womb my body reminded me that I had not been privileged enough to deliver any of my three now grown up sons in a manner where I felt held, supported or indeed in control of the situation. As you traced my now long healed Caesarian scar from the birth of my youngest son my body jerked and I felt a bolt of energy surge down my right leg. My scar felt warm as if it was burning and my body reacted with gentle spasms and jerks. I have long been disconnected from legs and have found it incredibly difficult to ground and be present in my body. Through this sacred treatment I came to recognise that 3 traumatic childbirths and the C section In particular had left me feeling totally cut off from the lower part of my body.  Since receiving this treatment I have experienced a profound release and healing with my birth mother (something else I have struggled with for a long time), a reconnection with my legs and lower half of my body and as an added bonus I had my first normal to light flowing period for the first time in a decade. Previous to this treatment I had suffered from very heavy bleeding, flooding and clots.   The space and healing that you provide has always felt very special but this very sacred treatment really blew me away". AR